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Cryptops is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that was created to make it easy for users to trade crypto currency option derivative using a direct access blockchain. Some benefits of the Cryptops DEX are the on blockchain order book, fair trade matching and access to the immutable trade history data. Cryptops uses blockchain asset tokens that reference the crytpo currency option derivatives provided at various strike prices and expiration dates. Cryptops is a public blockchain that everyone can use to buy, sell or even create their own crypto currency derivatives or any other tokenized assets they would like directly on the Cryptops blockchain.

COE is the native utility coin of the Cryptops blockchain. The derivative premiums that are collected by selling the asset tokens are redistributed by means of the blockchain transaction fee pool. A weekly distribution of ALL network fees plus a 1% APY inflation is sent to all qualified addresses on a weekly basis and is paid using the native COE coin. The tokenomics are easily understood and Cryptops arguably has one of the most secure staking models available in blockchain today.

The Cryptops project was created by self custody blockchain enthusiasts for self custody blockchain enthusiasts and has been in private independent development for over 5 years.

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Decentralized Distributed Blockchain
A decentralized distributed sidechain for crypto currency derivatives with on blockchain order book, trade matching and settlement. Run your own Cryptops node with the self hosted CryptopsTerm wallet and achieve 0 ms latency to the on blockchain order book while also safe guarding against any censorship.
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Efficient Blockchain Derivatives
The new innovative ultra green solution for direct on blockchain crypto option derivatives. Cryptops makes the option derivatives available directly on a fully verfiable layer 1 blockchain order book. There is no need for an energy demanding on-chain “turing complete” VM or any web browser plugins that can introduce security concerns.
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European Option Expiration
Cryptops will be providing front and back monthly option chains for Bitcoin BTC with European expiry using the Black-Scholes pricing model. The calculated greek variables are written to the verifiable Cryptops blockchain at every update in derivative pricing. Additional BTC chains and crypto currencies are planned.
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FBA Consensus Blockchain
Cryptops uses the FBA (Federated Byzantine Agreement) to reach consensus and nodes vote on all fundamental changes that are made to the blockchain, in this way Cryptops can evolve as needed. Individual node members can decide what nodes are trustworthy and form thier own trusted quorums.
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Native Cryptops Coin
COE is the native collateralized utility coin of the Cryptops blockchain. There are a total 1 billion COE that can only be expanded at a fixed 1% yearly interest rate using the blockchain protocol. It is impossible to expand the total quantity of COE beyond that amount.
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Publicly Available Blockchains
Both the testnet and main public Cryptops blockchains are currently publicly available for use without any type of censoring. Cryptops is a self custody direct access blockchain for crypto currency option derivatives that can be used for hedging, investing and speculation.
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Secure Weekly Gains
Earn a return on your COE coins stored in a cold storage wallet. A weekly distribution is automatically paid to your designated hot wallet address giving easy access to the rewards. Just set the inflation destination of a qualifing Cryptops address to that of your hot wallet using the blockchain protocols.
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Secured Directly on Blockchain
The native Cryptops COE utility coin and all cryptpo derivative asset tokens are stored directly on the blockchain using self custody user created account keys. It is only possible to access the account using the private keys, it is not possible for any one else to make changes to the account or the asset tokens therein.
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Uninterruptible Derivatives Market
A continuous 24⁄7 non interruptible option derivatives market for crypto currencies with fair order filling using a sealed bid method to handle surge transaction fee pricing. While also making available the complete blockchain trade history data to allow full verification of pricing, transactions and all operations.
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Utility and Interest
An equal portion of ALL transaction fees that are charged for using the Cryptops blockchain plus an interest rate of 1% APY will be paid to all qualifying holders according to their staked amount. Stake holders only need a minimum of 500,000 COE in a single or combined accounts to qualify.